[Clayart] Zinc and Mimi - RR

ronroy at ca.inter.net ronroy at ca.inter.net
Sun Sep 5 17:16:50 UTC 2021

I have two questions!

Does anyone have a copy of Mimi Obstler's book "Out of the Earth Into  
the Fire" that they would like to sell. I have a customer for you.

Has anyone had the unfortunate problem with a glaze fluxed with zinc  
oxide - where the glaze starts to crawl after being in the bucket for  
a while? Apparently zinc oxide re-hydrates and shrinks excessively  
causing crawling problems.

Has anyone had the problem and found a solution?

OK - that's three questions

Thanks for any enlight enment!


Ron Roy
ronroy at ca.inter.net
Web page ronroy.net

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