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mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Tue Sep 7 00:21:00 UTC 2021

every fuel kiln built has its own
time and function for firing.  no two are

lots to consider.  wind direction, height of stack and tightness of stack,
diam of stack, kiln shelf arrangement, exact size of the
flue. and it goes without saying the amount of pressure
you have at orifice. it all matters.

the roof system is critical...from flat to tall arch.
SO, it is never a race.  you must find the sweet system
when it all works in harmony.  Many kilns do not run
well with an east wind.  maybe hocus pocus, many friends
have felt that way.  A big wall near the kiln and and east
wind shuts down a good friends kiln. He will not fire his kiln
with those conditions.  That too is a thought, wait for perfect
conditions may be very smart.  waiting is often prudent.

leaving gaps and space for the fire to pass through the pots
may be a great money saver.  save those last 10 pots for
another time. over stacking is a false economy.

the wish i have for potters is to find out how your kiln
fires best.  try different timing and systems.  chart it.
use the pyrometer to find better ways...heat rise, heat fall.

Much of what i just chatted about fits for electric kilns too.
never assume that electric firing is automatic.

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