[Clayart] So, Mel, how fast can you fire B -Mix?

Robert L. Johnson impaladrive at gmail.com
Tue Sep 7 00:34:29 UTC 2021

You said, " You sure cannot take a cone 9, tight, pure white clay and rush
the system."  So, for those of us who love what white clay or porcelain can
do to our glazes, what firing schedule would you recommend?

It seems to me that there must be some limit or range on how fast one can
fire with each clay body. I like B-mix, but I want to avoid stress cracks
from firing too fast. (Or is that a problem?) And I fear quartz
inversion--although I have never seen one up close. And I've heard that a
slow cool brings out some glaze effects that are achievable no other way.
So, what's a potter to do? Can you do it all with a fast fire?
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