[Clayart] firing B mix

mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Tue Sep 7 03:14:25 UTC 2021

one thing i think is important.  Dry your pots totally before
firing.  Use fans, heaters, and the best of all..the SUN.

i bisque fire very carefully.  early stages get slow heating.
but, when all is heated, i turn to full and get it done

It is the same with glaze firing white clay. make sure it is dry,
glazes are dry.  keep a steady rise in temp, and when you get that
kiln in red heat...let er rip.

and those long overnight warming firings just are a huge waste.

because i use open brown bodies, i heat the kiln to about
500, shelves and posts are warm.  pots are warm....i turn it up
and keep a rise going til the kiln hits cone 11.  the steady rise
is important.  just let the kiln do its thing.  each potter has to
study how your kiln works.  just don't hold back the kiln, hoping
you are a good person.  Industry has proven all of this, over and over.
a steady rise and 15 minutes at cone 7 and cool.  perfect pots, no failure.
and they fire a great deal of tight white clay.  but, no damp pots in those
glaze firings.

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