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"If someone sent me 2000 pounds of Bmix I would
run it all through my pug mill, add fine grog and
a pure silica sand and probably some black iron
sand. opps, it is no longer Bmix. I can fire anyway
I wish. I now control the clay, it does not control me."
It sounds like you are being controlled by this idea that because you added stuff to a clay its somehow better. That taking a clay that works and adding something to it that might not work is some kind of noble deed. Great now you have a clay that bloats, is too coarce to carve, cant be sponged without turning to sand paper and ruins all the clear glazes and drawings. 
"If you buy any ready made product, you are tied to it.
it controls you. it must be fired a certain way, it has
limits.  I do not want my pottery, work and art starting
with limits."
We are tied to everything already bought or screwed around with. All clay has to be fired a certain way. The clay you make at home from the rocks you crushed with you fingers also is going to have limits. 

"Laquna makes millions of tons of Bmix.  It is all the same,
and carefully controlled.  It means that thousands of potters
are using the same clay.  MN clay No1 stoneware is used be
many potters. It all fires the same.  Only daring potters alter
the mix. It is exciting. try it sometime."
Clay is the end product in the work we make. starting with some hand dug clay with stuff added to it does not make the work great. its just a raw material. How good can a potter or artist be if they have to rely on some mix of clay no one else can make rather than taking any clay set in front of them and making great pots with that? Its not the clays fault if every pot is the same its the potter. 
"My clay body is mine, the glaze is mine, I built the kiln. That too
is controlled by me. I like that thought.  I like my new speckled
shino with black soda ash painting.  When my stamp goes on those
pots it means "Melpots"...not sorta mels."
So EVERYONE else who isn't building their own kiln from bricks they made from clay they dug and straw they grew are not making their own pots? How far does this idea go? Maybe some folks would rather concentrate on other things that interest  them, rather than spending 20 years figuring out something they could have spent $50 to just buy. A waste of time an energy does not always justify a pot. 
"The story about the Northern Clay Center buying a  "BLoW" so that
new young genius' can fire as they don't know how...has me meditating
in technicolor."
you really have a burn on about that blaau 
"How many people are using rotten, bad to work with cone 6 clay?  thousands. They
are tied to it.  I just added 30percent earthenware, got rid of the nasty talc.
wow, that was really hard...went back in my notes and found that 5x20 glaze.
fired to cone 6 in under five hours."
Because a path in clay isn't the same as your, doesn't make someones different path bad and yours better, the proof is always going to be the pots. 
I make my own clay and glazes, I built my own kilns, I built my own wheels, My own tools, bats, brushes, studio and my pots are not better or different than anyone else because of it. I buy my underglazes, I buy raw materials, I buy pugmills, clay, bricks, brushes, grog, bats and kilns, and my work is no less because of that either. 
I wood fire to 14, doesn't make my work better, I slip cast and that doesn't make it crappy. How did you get to this point that everything done different than the way you enjoy doing it is this stain on the ceramics world. Its a condition I would truly like to avoid as navigate the rest of my career. 
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