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Wed Sep 8 23:06:17 UTC 2021

Terry Lazaroff wrote:
"Mel, I believe we should not focus on the term, “Hand Made.”  There are just too many exclusions or exceptions to the purity of your idea."   

Hi Terry - 
On the contrary (in my opinion), I think we should place a great deal of focus the term "handmade."  Too many of the "exclusions or exceptions" you speak of are actually maginalization of or misuse of the term "handmade."  As David Hendley wrote in a wonderful article for Ceramics Monthly, "handmade" means "made by hand," and things that are not made by hand should never be called "handmade."  We need to be aggressive in calling out inappropriate use of the term.  Truly handmade work is very special.  So many of the processes and technique we use are timeless, dating back millennia, and we are keeping them alive.  
- Vince

Vince Pitelka
Potter, Writer, Teacher
Chapel Hill, NC
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