[Clayart] like and dislike

mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Thu Sep 9 16:50:55 UTC 2021

here is an example.  I `like` Snail a great deal.  She is a friend.
I do not judge her work with "like".  I judge her passion, her
professionalism, and her work ethic. Her work is the sum total
of her passion for art.  Then I can say..."I admire Snail's work
even though I do not ever engage to her style of design."

I am now engaged in a brand new quest in my work for a decent
"Shino".  It takes years of dedication to make this glaze "sing".
This is very serious as there will be a huge reward when this study
is done.  I am passionate about doing it.  I don't really want folks
to "like it".  I want them to like me for doing it.  I want them to
stand and applaud if the "train comes into the station."

One hundred never before seen pots are waiting my finger tips
and my glaze calc and firing skill. It is daunting, but very
exciting.  I have to make it happen all alone. My journey.

I admire many styles and types of clay work. My favorite will always
be Mrs. Mugamba, sitting in the dust of Africa hand building a huge pot.
She will fire it with straw. Just her and her hands. She is my model for
hand made. And, I really like her.

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