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Carolyn Curran cncpots2 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 9 20:20:02 UTC 2021

Ah, the everlasting debates we so love to engage in.. art versis craft,
hand building versus wheel, commercial versus original glazes...
Adding my own two cents,  I have nothing against the wheel, plaster molds,
extrusions, even 3D printing as long as the design and the idea come from
the potter, but  I guess I have a real thing against clay stamps and
imprinted design rollers which are not designed by the potter using them
but are manufactured by someone else.   I occasionally  use clay stamps and
imprints in my work, but  they  are ones which I have designed myself.
Snobbish maybe, but so be it.   There are wonderful  stamp and roller
designs out there which are commercially available, but it bugs me that the
potter is  not the originator of the design he or she uses.   Yes,  some
potters do creative things using stamps and rollers they have not designed,
and of course nature has provided many found objects we incorporate in our
work (like  leaves, shells, flowers, interesting rock textures, etc.).
Some of my most creative slab work a few years ago was the result of using
plaster molds  i made of huge elephant ear leaves.  I would roll out a
clay slab on the mold, selecting one area or/or angle to use in the design,
and no two were alike.  I had taken something from nature and made it my
own.   And how many potters  have impressed leaves and other plant material
into clay and created their own individual form  or treatment ?   Well,
guys,  who feels  like  adding to this discussion?
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