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Sat Sep 11 11:50:47 UTC 2021

Our last discussion is obviously a continuation
of a long standing topic.  Hand Made.

Almost everyone understands what that means. Hand Made.

When my wife came home with 5 yards of wool, she made a
lovely coat. sewing machine, yes. needles and thread, yes
but, she made it by hand. She made it fit her perfectly.
No argument.
When my mom made me a shirt or pajamas, it was all hand done.
No argument.  One would have to be very stupid to argue that
the sewing machine had a motor therefor, not hand made.

Most craftspeople on the Earth have tools of one sort or the other
and it does not diminish Hand Made. The buffing wheel with a motor
in the jewelers shop does not diminish the ring just made.

The potter in Madras, India making pots on a ox cart wheel sitting
on a stone and lubed with grease was making pots by hand.

The big question with automation is "how far will you let yourself
let others determine what and how you make it?"  Can you take control
of your art and craftsmanship? When you take huge short cuts to completion
you will know it. One has to live with yourself.  Plagiarism is running
amok. Don't be a part of it.

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