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I have always been surprised that so many clay artists have never explored
the wonderful world of bisque-fired stamps and rollers.  It was an important
part of my program at Tennessee Tech University's Appalachian Center for
Craft.  All students in the intro class made bisque stamps and rollers, and
all advanced students made LOTS of them when they took the surface design
class.  Bisque-fired clay is porous, and thus it doesn't stick to the moist
clay surface.  They do not work well on wet-thrown pots unless you remove
some of the surface moisture with a rib.  I did that on a lot of pots I made
in Railroad Stoneware, my studio in Northern California in the late 70s and
early 80s.  You can see that work on the "Railroad Stoneware" page of the
gallery section on my website.  


Even if you are copying a historic pattern when making a stamp or a roller,
you make it your own.  There are quite a few variations on bisque stamps and
rollers, and they are all explained in the handout on my website.  I see no
reason why anyone should use commercially-made pattern stamps and rollers,
because they just make your work look like the work of other people who use
the same stamps or rollers.  Why not make your own?  It's easy and very
satisfying.  Go to the documents and handouts page on my website and
download the PDF handout.

- Vince


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