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Japan is a vertical society. If your father is a famous doctor
and you are a pretty, smart girl, your family will find you a
husband in the medical society. If you are a daughter of a
butcher or leather worker, your children will be butchers. Butcher
is a low class person.

I was taught Japanese society from my Japanese teacher here in America.
She did a great job on me. First and foremost I had to hold myself up
as a teacher with a Master's degree. I have my own clay and painting
experience. I had standing based on Japanese Culture. I could never take
money from Uchida, I was not a back room worker. I too was a 39 year old
man of substance. I shunned my pay envelope, pushed it away..said "no".

And, I did not understand how important having one of my high school divers
win the trials for the Olympics. Mr. Uchida was an Olympian, he was a
ski jumper. He showed me his Olympic pin. He was sooooo proud of it. He
accepted me as an equal.

Several times during the first two months I brought Mrs. Uchida some very
expensive cakes. Gave them to her with my morning greeting. It turned out that
she loved that attention, and it made me classy in her eyes. Get to know MaMa.
Another piece of advice taken. I was always humble, bowed to everyone. It too
became a cultural habit for our family. I paid all my bills living in Japan. Lived
with a touch of style.

Why did all the doors open for me in Japan? I had kept my standing as an artist, teacher
and well educated Male.

Sharlene was totally accepted in the neighborhood. She was pretty, well dressed in dresses
each day, quiet and humble. the women loved her. Mrs Uchida got the picture..She knew.

If you are a pretty girl, nice figure and speak with an `East Ender's accent` and your dad
is a dock worker and you only have two names, you will probably not marry the lord of the manor
in Great Britain. If you are a pretty girl, knock out figure and your dad is a farmer
here in Wisconsin, you might meet a nice boy in college that makes a ton of money in the
tech world and you will skyrocket to the top of the social world in California. No boundaries
in the American society if you have money. Horizontal Society. If you are a drunken, arrogant
Lawyer that gets young girls pregnant, you go to the bottom of society really fast.

As you realize, this story is all Metaphor. Not made in stone, but it helps one to know that
Art, Craft, Design and intellect rules Japanese Society. A doctor is a people plumber. Middle
class. There is a great deal of wealth associated with being a top artist. Hamada was a millionaire.
He was never a humble dirt potter thinking Zen thoughts. The day that I was in his studio I counted
14 full time workers, all at the top of their craft game. Yup, they made all those Korean farmer pots.

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