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Well said Mel. Not unlike American society. 
Rob Hackert 

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> On Sep 13, 2021, at 8:45 AM, mel jacobson <melpots at mail.com> wrote:
> Japan is a vertical society. If your father is a famous doctor
> and you are a pretty, smart girl, your family will find you a
> husband in the medical society. If you are a daughter of a
> butcher or leather worker, your children will be butchers. Butcher
> is a low class person.
> I was taught Japanese society from my Japanese teacher here in America.
> She did a great job on me. First and foremost I had to hold myself up
> as a teacher with a Master's degree. I have my own clay and painting
> experience. I had standing based on Japanese Culture. I could never take
> money from Uchida, I was not a back room worker. I too was a 39 year old
> man of substance. I shunned my pay envelope, pushed it away..said "no".
> And, I did not understand how important having one of my high school divers
> win the trials for the Olympics. Mr. Uchida was an Olympian, he was a
> ski jumper. He showed me his Olympic pin. He was sooooo proud of it. He
> accepted me as an equal.
> Several times during the first two months I brought Mrs. Uchida some very
> expensive cakes. Gave them to her with my morning greeting. It turned out that
> she loved that attention, and it made me classy in her eyes. Get to know MaMa.
> Another piece of advice taken. I was always humble, bowed to everyone. It too
> became a cultural habit for our family. I paid all my bills living in Japan. Lived
> with a touch of style.
> Why did all the doors open for me in Japan? I had kept my standing as an artist, teacher
> and well educated Male.
> Sharlene was totally accepted in the neighborhood. She was pretty, well dressed in dresses
> each day, quiet and humble. the women loved her. Mrs Uchida got the picture..She knew.
> If you are a pretty girl, nice figure and speak with an `East Ender's accent` and your dad
> is a dock worker and you only have two names, you will probably not marry the lord of the manor
> in Great Britain. If you are a pretty girl, knock out figure and your dad is a farmer
> here in Wisconsin, you might meet a nice boy in college that makes a ton of money in the
> tech world and you will skyrocket to the top of the social world in California. No boundaries
> in the American society if you have money. Horizontal Society. If you are a drunken, arrogant
> Lawyer that gets young girls pregnant, you go to the bottom of society really fast.
> As you realize, this story is all Metaphor. Not made in stone, but it helps one to know that
> Art, Craft, Design and intellect rules Japanese Society. A doctor is a people plumber. Middle
> class. There is a great deal of wealth associated with being a top artist. Hamada was a millionaire.
> He was never a humble dirt potter thinking Zen thoughts. The day that I was in his studio I counted
> 14 full time workers, all at the top of their craft game. Yup, they made all those Korean farmer pots.
> (wink)
> mel
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