[Clayart] Cotton dishcloths for packing pottery

Carolyn Curran cncpots2 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 15 02:17:11 UTC 2021

The aged potter is going to try  a pop up show in October which should be
doable for me... only 3-7 on a Sunday , 6 foot table at  Coffee House/Art
Center, no tent or 10x10 space needed.   Hey, no booth fee either, 10%
sales go to charity  and it's a chance to get out of my cloistered
community and perhaps meet new  arty  and congenial  people, maybe sell
some  of my small scale pots.  Only 8 participants juried in by local
chapter of PA Guild of Craftsmen for small space  venue with good
reputation. .  Thought I would use  2  suitcases to bring  my stuff....and
discovered to my delight that  printer's tray I use for display of minis
will fit in my big suitcase.  Joy, rapture, exclamation point  and
suitcases with wheels  easy if I have to use Uber.    Hey,  it's a big deal
for me with my last show in spring of 2019. and giving up my car for
economy's sake  after move to PA.  Tired  of  scrounging  or buying  bubble
wrap, too.    A lot of stuff I used  for shows didn't make it through the
moving  purge,  so I'm starting from scratch---no handy liquor boxes which
were so handy....     Think out of the box.  says I.  I already  have a
dozen  cheapie cotton dish towels I  use for all sorts of things in
kitchen,  so why not buy 2 dozen more to use instead of something
plastic?   I  also use even cheaper cotton terry washcloths   I have in
studio  and can use them if needed.  Packing material is allowed to have
red clay stains!
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