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mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Thu Sep 16 12:24:07 UTC 2021

I have a hunch that if you went to most any college clay
program in the U.S. most of the students would not have a
clue how Hamada, Kawai or Arakawa influenced ceramics.

Nils Lou and Robin Hopper's names will last because of their
writing.  Few will know about Malcolm Davis and maybe the
name Voulkus will pop up from time to time.

It is just the way it is. We all move on.  Many on clayart
have all the names memorized and often knew them personally.

New hero's step in.

I just wanted to mention this topic, as I want folks to know
that I "get it".  I have tried very hard to live in the present
and work hard at changing my work, images and forms.  Glaze always
presents new challenges.  I spent three years with a new clay body
and fired my pots in electric kilns. A total departure. And, without
doubt very exciting and the learning curve was difficult.

I think the only sadness we feel is to have the years of work and study
seen as "silly"...."just buy it ready made".  The best metaphor i know
is a neighbor kid called the welfare and said he was abused because his
dad bought a new van and it did not have tv.

life goes on.
with love, mel

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