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Those students of mine who are really interested in clay know about Hamada because of the iron slip recipe that we use that he developed.
The ones who  are interested in Shino are told about Arakawa and his rediscovery of Shino and have seen pictures of his work.  I have one of those students off to study with John Neely and his colleagues at Utah State.  I can't wait to see how he progresses there.

Interesting to me that some young potters have discovered adding iron spots to clay and think that it is new and they are on to something that us old folks don't know about.  I remember trying to get away from the iron spots and the "Granola Ware" look of the early 70's back then.   I felt that the spots detracted from the Celadon and other glazes.  The other thing that has resurfaced is putting glass into bowls and such.  It reminds me of those ash trays from the '50's whose look I hated as a child.

I am excited by the number of younger (in terms of age or years of making pots) that are earning a living selling functional ware for use.  I am enjoying some of the minimalism trends I see in some potter's functional work.     I see quite a bit of talent out there and can't wait to see what happens next.

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