[Clayart] old cones

mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Fri Sep 24 18:34:04 UTC 2021

We have been experiencing some sticky cones and some
over fires on one electric kiln.  I will probably
exchange the entire norton kiln sitter...I have all
new parts...But, one of our vendors asked colleen.."are your
cones really old?"  yes, like 25 year old boxes.

Arnold and I have no reason to believe cones can get old.

It seems to be getting crazy.  Arnold likes to advise folks
to keep a small bottle with thick kiln wash to dab on the
cone holders.  I have used itc in the past. but, not on this

I know, I know...what is the recipe for kiln wash for
this sort of application.  ?
what have veteran potters experienced with this issue.?
(colleen is now using a new box of cone 08 bars, and she
is experiencing kiln firing fear.)

We had the cone packs blow up in the baby stoneware and
i fired it with two pyrometers and color.  hit cone 11 perfect.
Had one pyrometer stick at 1900...threw that one out...hit it with
a brick.

I am sick of this issue.

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