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Have used this kiln wash for many years with good success.I stopped
weighing out ingredients to save time.One scoop (use whatever size
scoop you want) Alumina Hydrate, 1/2 scoop Kaolin (I use EPK but any
kaolin will do), 1/2 scoop Calcined Kaolin (I calcine mine in bisqued
bowl in a bisque firing).Mix with water to whole milk
consistency.Apply with cheap 4" paint roller, 2 coats, each coat in
opposite direction.
On my Advancer shelves, I simply dust with alumina.


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 I have had several folks ask for kiln wash recipes..theory.

 Basically it is combinations of Alum/hydrate, China clay, Silica.

 Depending on your need, you want to experiment with combinations
 that do not flake off.

 Often folks will calcine the epk. Robert gave us a Zircopax and
 Kaolin idea. The theory is, using a combination of ingredients that
do not melt.
 No fluxes please.

 I have never used wash. If I have some porcelain, or other clays or
glazes that
 run fast, I dust the shelf with alum/hydrate, or fine sand.

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