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Tue Sep 28 02:00:29 UTC 2021

The geologist in me thinks it's a waste of good amethyst, since I suspect
the amount of trace minerals that color the crystal will be far too low to
be interesting in a glaze, but you never know!


On Mon, Sep 27, 2021 at 8:49 PM Deborah Thuman <debthuman at zianet.com> wrote:

> I got to thinking. I do that now and again. I took a geology class a year
> ago and learned that fast cooling makes micro crystals and slow cooling
> makes macro crystals. Quartz is one of those fascinating igneous minerals
> that does wild stuff. Amethyst is quartz. Quartz can be clear. Quartz can
> be opaque…. Anyone here ever experimented with using quartz in a glaze?
> Not just silicon dioxide, but ground up quartz? What happens if you use
> ground up amethyst in a glaze?
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