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The Kiln-Sitter is incredibly reliable, but in 35 years of firing electric
kilns with Kiln-Sitters at U-Mass Amherst, NDSU in Fargo, and at the
Appalachian Center for Craft in Tennessee, I expect I saw every kind of
failure that is possible in a Kiln-Sitter.  Among them, I saw mini-cones or
cone-bars stick to corroded cone-support prongs quite a few times, causing
the kiln to overfire, sometimes with serious consequences.  The cone-support
prongs are cheap, so no reason not to replace them once a year or so,
depending on how often you fire.   Lacking a new set of prongs, if your cone
prongs are looking crusty and corroded, just pull them out of the porcelain
tube, sand them off, and reinstall them.  
- Vince

Vince Pitelka
Potter, Writer, Teacher
Chapel Hill, NC
vpitelka at dtccom.net

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I have not applied anything to my kiln setters in over forty years and have
never had one single problem except for one time when the internals rusted
with age and the kiln over fired and then  I did have to do a bit of cleanup
with a file.   Am I missing something or is this just another pottery myth?


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