[Clayart] ITC element application

Barry Salaberry bsalab at gmail.com
Sat Apr 2 17:06:36 UTC 2022

I need clarification about using ITC on electric kiln elements.

I remember that I should first thoroughly wash the elements is some solvent
(lacquer thinner?) before application.

I think it is suggested that I then swish each element in a trough, getting
a complete coating before installation of the elements.

If this is done, as I describe, would it be best to immediately install
each element after the dip in the coating, as the material would still be
flexible enough to accept the bending and pushing needed to get the
elements into their respective grooves? (Thus working in series, dipping
and installing one at a time, versus coating and hanging them all to dry
before installation.)

My only experience is with the ITC I've sprayed into kilns, on the
bricks...it becomes quite rigid after firing, but is fragile just after
spraying.  I am supposing that the element type would also be fragile when

I am also thinking that the ends would need to be cleaned for good
connection...I'm thinking of my Dremmel brass brush attachment for this.

I thought of also spraying the brick with the brick version of ITC, but
since it’s best to dampen the bricks with water sprayed before ITC,
followed with the ITC, I’m wondering if  the wet spray would possibly wash
off the element ITC.  And, if I did that brick spray first, that it would
reduce the space in the grooves, making the element installation more

Any corrections or further instructions would really be helpful.

Barry Salaberry

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