[Clayart] sawdust instead of straw in primitive kiln

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Sun Apr 3 16:45:25 UTC 2022

You can also put two pots together with an air space between. I've  
seen this done with slip cast forms. I'm thinking, if ones repeatable  
throwing skills are good, it could be done.

Certainly would eliminate the need for handles.


Quoting L TURNER <magnolia.mud.list at gmail.com>:

> Robert,
> (I fire at cone 10 gas reduction).
> I have been playing with laminated clay bodies.    using a standard cone 10
> clay body and applying a mixture of kaolins only as a paste for the outer
> layer.  The outler layer fired to cone 10 is still absorbant (aka: has fine
> holes in the kaolin layer).   so far, I have no problem with the interface
> of the two layers.  For thrown ware, I apply the tacky (but not a slip)
> kaolin paste to the form near the final step of throwing.  On handbuilt
> ware the paste is added after the form is completed.
> If you were to use a similar layer between your inside surface clay body
> and your outside clay body, you might get the "insulation for hot drinks"
> you were looking for.
> If you are using a mid temperature clay body, then use a high fire course
> clay body for the middle layer, or just use the sawdust clay as a middle
> layer.
> LT
> On Sat, Apr 2, 2022 at 6:55 AM Robert Harris <robertgharris at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> I've put sawdust in clay. Biggest problem is that it caused serious
>> pinholing in the glazes. Otherwise it fired just fine.
>> Obviously it depends how much you put in! (My aim was to produce a piece
>> with enough air gaps that it would provide insulation for hot drinks,
>> didn't really work).
>> We also wad all of the posts in our kiln, even in a regular reduction
>> firing, and we use sawdust (about 25-30% by weight which is probably >60%
>> by volume), makes the wadding just crumble right off.
>> Not sure what your aim is, by adding sawdust.
>> The long fibers in paper help stabilise the clay, but sawdust won't provide
>> that.
>> On Fri, 1 Apr 2022 at 11:29, Carolyn Curran <cncpots2 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > My inarticulate bad.   Sorry I confused you.  I intended to add  sawdust
>> > IN  the clay body along with vermiculite or perlite and grog...sort of a
>> > paper clay situation, since straw and sawdust both  have cellulose.  I
>> > would probably wet it so there won't be particles flying through air.
>> > With my  COPD and chronic bronchitis,  I  don't think I'd play with a
>> > sawdust firing, although we have a trash can with holes here that was
>> > probably used in that way.  (Heck,  I only use   non toxic iiquid
>> > combustibles  for any raku..have a bottle of
>> > high test  Everclear booze for the purpose, use sparingly at bottom of
>> > combustion chamber..  I have had great success with the alcohol with
>> small
>> > scale work in  old Aim test kiln with one vase almost 8" tall which was
>> > super unique in  subtle coloration. It is still a  big favorite.
>>  Carolyn)
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