[Clayart] drinking from containers

mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Tue Apr 5 02:34:43 UTC 2022

Wine, fancy drinks and beer seem to be best served from quality glass.
I love those German Pilsner glasses.
It is time honored. No bar tender would haul out and old clay mug to make
his perfect "old fashioned". ( mulled sugar and orange, bitters, and a cherry
and a dash of ginger ale, then fizz water".  A great scotch comes in a crystal glass.

Coffee cups, porcelain tea cups, naval mugs are great for coffee.
What I make for mugs works best for my customers for coffee. Mugs for hot chocolate.
fruit drinks are nice in a clay mug.

my all time favorite mug is the "navy mug, found on board ship".
white, thick, round hole for finger. Throw it on the deck and it does
not break. pound in nails, works great.  It is the supreme "form and function.
looks like a coffee mug, drinks like a coffee mug, works like a coffee mug.
It you are attacked, use it as a weapon.

Ask the Queen Mum. She knows what to do and what to use.
I wanted to ask her to Prom in 1950, but she said...."Too busy you know."

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