[Clayart] digital controller for old kiln. sawdust instead of straw

Mahaffey, Rick rmahaffey at tacomacc.edu
Wed Apr 6 16:05:29 UTC 2022

We had some early computer controllers mounted on the wall to run our kiln sitter equipped kilns.
I noticed that the timer used around 4-5 hours, as I recall - it was quite a long time ago - versus 12-14 hours elapsing on the timer using the manual approach.

Because the computer controller cycles the element on full then off I think the elements are energized less time per firing and for me that could account for the longer element life.  I think the elements have to be hotter than the surrounding bricks, pots, shelves, and posts to heat everything up when the elements are energized - less time heating should equate to less stress on the element.


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