[Clayart] big hats and covered beer steins

mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Wed Apr 6 16:17:06 UTC 2022

I have been doing searches on the early use of cups.
It seems that glass was used as cups many years back. chunky
cast cups for springs and ponds. (instead of scooping with hands.)

We all know that ancient man used stomachs of animals etc to haul water.
Old books have pix of clay canteens with a strap for carry.

As we all know, Asians used drinking bowls made of clay.
The handle as we know it is relatively modern.  Lots of nice
tea cups found in digs in England. All with handles.

If you make beer mugs, sooner or later someone will ask you about
metal covers for steins.  It is a simple answer.
Drinking beer/ale in ale houses was a dirty business. The floor above/ceiling
was full of cracks to the second floor. Dirt fell through all the time
and of course fell into the big steins. Add the cover to keep it clean.  The
Big brimmed hats kept the dirt from your dinner plate. Most men carried a sharp
knife to cut meat and other food. And, lots of folks ate with their hands.

In India many people ate food from/on big leaves. And, just the fingers were used
to scoop up rice with meat.  Visitors that are left handed have to be be careful not to
offend your host.  Never touch food with your left hand...it is used to wipe your bottom.

In tea shops in India, common cups are left on the table for all to use.  There is a bucket
of water to rinse them.  Most of what we used were simple glass tumblers..juice size.
Teapots are never washed.

It was amazing, but our family of four traveled to four large cities in India and really lived
on street food of all sorts...never got sick.  Most Indian women cleaned there wooden counters
in the kitchen with cow dung patties. They were shined to a deep brown varnish.  Totally clean.

My doctor neighbor Bim Sharma from Agra, said that most kitchens in primitive neighborhoods
were far cleaner than any kitchen in America. But of course about 50,000 children a year die
of cobra bites.

Diana Pancioli has a book written from her world travels that shows the thousands of pots that
are made for food, from clay. She is an expert on the subject.
I will call her and have her tell some stories on clayart.

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