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Always wonderful stories Mel.... I also struggled in high school and
started college at a junior college where I discovered I loved
learning because I was challenged.
I taught ceramics ( and drawing or design) at a community for nearly
40 years. Best work life experience I think I could ever have. Went to
college knowing I wanted to do something in art, but unsure exactly
what it would be. In grad school I was TA - basically did all
firing/glaze mixing and assisted with studio maintenance with a little
teaching occasionally. 
During my final semester, finishing up thesis and work for final
exhibition we had a blind student enroll in a beginning hand building
course. The professor gave her to me to work with one-on-one during
each class session. She was sighted early in her life so I could
verbally describe shapes and colors. I found it curious when
demonstrating I would describe what I was doing and she would always
say "let me see that", meaning let me hold/feel that. She did very
well and that is when I fell in love with teaching and knew that's
what I had to do.
After grad school I worked full-time at Eagle Ceramics supply and
taught one ceramics class at Northern Virginia Community College
(NOVA) and a course at The Torpedo Factory (an old torpedo factory in
Alexandria, VA turned into art center). Late 1970's - Eagle Ceramics
laid me off (economic downturn) and both classes cancelled due to low
enrollment. That spring/summer I worked at plant that made solid
rocket propellant (they developed propellant for air bags) as a
hazardous materials handler. Fall 1977 was hired full-time at NOVA
where I taught art courses and built the ceramics program. In 1982,
another recession and came under RIF but was able to move to another
campus and built another ceramics program. I retired with the promise
that they would hire another full-time ceramics teacher and continue
the program. I also played a bug role in designing the entire art
program in a new building that was under construction as I retired and
have yet to see the building/facilities.

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 A friend has a son that struggled in high school. Almost did not
 His Grandfather had put a college fund away for him...$250,000. He
could only
 redeem it with schooling.

 I had him alone for an hour and suggested....hear this..."Go to
Milan, Italy and
 go to "Butcher school. After you graduate go to the best chef school
in Europe."

 "Live like a King, get a great lifetime education, and be ready to
take on a
 wonderful job. You would be a blessing to any kitchen." (oh, and
 of the lovely women you would meet.) By the way, you change the city
 study to anyone you wanted. "Oslo school of Master Meat Management".

 I am sure the family was horrified. "What is wrong with that gd

 I would bet I could find a hundred kids that would rush to that
school, and love
 every minute of it. College entrance..."TO MAKE MOM AND DAD PROUD".

 My Grandson went to jr. college for three years. Managed a Chipotle
Restaurant, transferred
 to the U of M for a year. Got his degree in "Philosophy". And now
owns three cross fit
 work out centers. No debt. And in the easy order. Met a lovely woman,
married, bought a house
 and now has a new baby. The name of the baby is "Melvin".

 website: www.melpots.com

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