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Fri Apr 22 13:47:32 UTC 2022

There's always, always more than one way.  Every person is not cut out
for college. And there are a lot of options out there. People who like 
work with their hands, and CAN, are in greater demand than ever.  
Heavy equipment. Surgeons. Masons. Musicians. Woodworkers. There are 
enticing occupations.  Some take lengthy academic schooling, some don't.
My dad's advice to all of his children was: find something you love to 
and figure out how to make a living at it.  Up to you.


Dannon Rhudy

On 2022-04-22 8:27 am, mel jacobson wrote:
> A friend has a son that struggled in high school. Almost did not 
> graduate.
> His Grandfather had put a college fund away for him...$250,000.  He 
> could only
> redeem it with schooling.
> I had him alone for an hour and suggested....hear this..."Go to Milan, 
> Italy and
> go to "Butcher school. After you graduate go to the best chef school in 
> Europe."
> "Live like a King, get a great lifetime education, and be ready to take 
> on a
> wonderful job.  You would be a blessing to any kitchen."  (oh, and 
> think
> of the lovely women you would meet.)  By the way, you change the city 
> for
> study to anyone you wanted. "Oslo school of Master Meat Management".
> I am sure the family was horrified. "What is wrong with that gd Mel.??"
> I would bet I could find a hundred kids that would rush to that school, 
> and love
> every minute of it.  College entrance..."TO MAKE MOM AND DAD PROUD".  
> My Grandson went to jr. college for three years. Managed a Chipotle
> Restaurant, transferred
> to the U of M for a year.  Got his degree in "Philosophy".  And now
> owns three cross fit
> work out centers. No debt.  And in the easy order. Met a lovely woman,
> married, bought a house
> and now has a new baby. The name of the baby is "Melvin".
> website: www.melpots.com
> www.melpots.com/CLAYART.HTML

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