[Clayart] pix of mel's refire

David Hendley farmpots at eastex.net
Fri Apr 22 21:32:32 UTC 2022

Nice save Mel!
Those are good looking and interesting glazes that would be worth
using.... if it didn't require 2 firings!
That is a really dark claybody. Is it always that dark, or did the
failed firing darken it?

Not a firing goes by that I don't have a few re-fires in my kiln. My
rule is, if there's something functionally wrong with a piece the
quality control hammer is utilized, if it's just a minor issue, it is
The most usual flaws are failed copper reds and debris falling into
bowls and cups.
Don't forget, I am wood firing, so junk falling onto pieces is more
likely. The offending nerd is removed with a Dremel tool and a
smudge of semi-dried glaze, from the side of glaze bucket, is
smeared over it.
My usual remedy for copper red is to reglaze with a cobalt blue
glaze. For this, I wait for a hot sunny day and put the piece in
the sun, or place it on the lid of the electric kiln if I am doing a
bisque firing. Then, when the piece is warm, I pour the excess
water off the top of the glaze (saved, to add back later), mix, and
reglaze. The combination of a warm pot and extra thick glaze
makes re-glazing possible.

For firing, I put the re-glazes on the bottom shelf for two reasons.
In the initial warm-up, the bottom of the kiln heats slower than the
top, and, should the piece break on re-heating the shards will fall
harmlessly to the kiln floor.

I have trouble re-firing plates. More than half the time, even with
slow initial heating, they will come out with a single crack across
the bottom. These are heating cracks, not cooling cracks, as evidenced
by glaze partially filling in the crack.
I also occasionally have trouble with a little bloating with refires.

David Hendley
david at farmpots.com

On 4/19/2022 5:42 PM, mel jacobson wrote:
> I have added three pix to my clayart page. click below.
> bottom three mugs, a bit big, but I want you to see
> the glaze surface, not the pot. The clay color works
> well too.
> these three pots were fired to cone 7 and a storm ruined the
> entire load. My first thought was hammer.

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