[Clayart] Mel's bad firng/David

mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Sat Apr 23 13:02:50 UTC 2022

David Hendley taught many of us his technique for
re/fire.  That was a few years ago.  The only difference
for me was using cmc gum.  I was very surprised just how
well it worked. It dried like concrete on the fired pots.

David, the color of my clay is controlled, as I am using Redart
clay at various percentages to bring the temp down to cone 7. Or even 9.

I also add black iron to enhance the deep color.

During the storm the flame of the kiln came back down the stack
and shot out the burner ports from time to time.  The reduction was
very strong.

My recovery firing was as close to oxy as I could make it.  The clay color
did not change much.  So, in some ways, both the clay and glaze became rather

Mel6 clay was designed for the electric kiln.  Of course I was trying
to emulate cone 10 reduction color for the clay.  A deep brown. And
when making your own clay....you have the freedom to color to your own design.

The commercial clay world has gone "White".  Therefore, what people wanted years
back was that great toast/brown look of stoneware/reduction.  So, they are now
used to white.  And leaking pots.

My take has been, make brown clay pots, but have the ability to add rich color
to your glaze pallet.  cone 6-7 is now available with totally vitrified pots.
Add earthenware clay.  It works.

I rather liked firing my stoneware kiln to cone 7 oxy and getting that batch
of pots. Four hours and forty five minutes. (I know, I push limits, but, why not?)
No one in the local area confuses my pots with Warren Mackenzie.  There are many that
clone him.

website: www.melpots.com

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