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mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Mon Apr 25 20:32:02 UTC 2022

A very well stated post. But, I have a few simple
ideas to go along with your post.

If I go to a top end steak house I expect that chef
to know all about meat and cooking meat.
If I go to a bakery, that baker better know all about
bread and top end baking systems. "how do you proof
black Russian bread.?  You should not be sent to
"Betty Crocker". (even if she lives about 4 miles from me. General
Mills World Headquarters.)  Lovely Lady.*

If I take a course in painting, I expect that teacher
better know how to paint, understand color and composition.
I should not be told to go to utube and find a teacher.

*side story. I wanted to know the history of "Sour Dough".
I went to the BC kitchens and made an appointment to see
the baking specialists. They had no idea, but to their credit
they said..."Mel, we will look into it...and call you.
They called.  I too had made simple research studies. BI.
before internet.

They had so much fun looking into the topic and found that
to the best known answers, it was German Bakers adding beer
to the wet dough to fill out the right amount of liquid. Beer has yeast.
The well was like a mile from the bakery and they did not
want to walk at 3 a.m. to get water. So old flat beer did it. and
the news spread and it became a standard...The beer made the
black bread even better along with backstrap molasses and
old coffee and cocoa if they could get it.

As I have repeated over and over on Clayart...If you take a course in chemistry
or physics you just plain know that prof knows what he or she is teaching.
That is what I would expect from any course at Northwestern University. It you
take art, someone should know what they are doing. If you are studying Medicine
at the U of Minnesota you expect the very best. The same should be true of art.
ps, another general mills old story  I got a call from the kitchens and the folks
that took the pix for cereal and food boxes. "mel, can you make pots to our perfect
specs for a cereal box???, we don't want art, we want the perfect pot".  Yes, I can
do that. Any shape or size. ( I had just returned from Japan and Mr. Uchida would
have kicked my butt if I could not do it...)  My fist pot was a 1 quart casserole for
"hamburger helper".  It held exactly, to the drop...one quart. They loved it.
several million boxes where made. They used 5 of my pots for a "Total" cereal box.
It is called trained skill.

Nothing I have ever done impressed my high students more than the "My teacher has his
pots on a Total cereal box"

website: www.melpots.com

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