[Clayart] re-firing

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Thanks to all for the information. After taking a China Painting class from
Paul Lewing, I've been firing pieces about a half dozen times to cone 018
or 014 on white ware that I've purchased from consignment stores. I
wondered if this might compromise the finished pieces.

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> David Hendley gave a good answer.  To me, the most important consideration
> is that maturation of clay and glazes depends on both temperature and
> duration.  So if you glaze-fire again to the same cone, it is the like
> increasing the duration of the firing beyond the normal maturation point.
> Thus, you end up with slightly overfired wares, possibly over-vitrified,
> more brittle, with lower thermal-shock-resistance, as David said.
> A cone 8-11 claybody fired to cone-9 both times would stand up to refiring
> just fine.  A cone 8-11 claybody fired to cone-11 both times would almost
> certainly be over-vitrified.
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> Re-firing
> I wonder if re-firing makes the pots more brittle that convention would
> serve?
> Would a dilatometer measurement of both provide less anecdotal survey?
> Does cristobalite increase or decrease with that re-fire?
> Is the pot which has been re-fired more subject to thermal shock?
> Does it affect glaze fit?
> Questions surface when we enter a new cave, but light does provide clarity
> one hopes.
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