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mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Thu Apr 28 03:08:37 UTC 2022

I would use standard venturi burners.  No need
for liquid, and they are very expensive burners.
A new pair of weed burners from Amazon are about 50 bucks.

depending on the humidity etc, it is easy to get
a small amount of freezing on a tank, mostly on
the regulator.  Just wrap a towel around the cold spots.
I have even draped an old quilt over the tank. That
250 should treat you well. I have a line from my 500
tank to the 250. If we run low, just turn the valve
that connects them.

try firing at -25F.  talk about freezing a tank.

I have a feeling you are using far too much gas pressure.
I find that turning the burners back and using the damper
in a smart way will get you more heat rise.  Remember, massive
gas pressure will probably make your kiln temp to lower.

Dan, you have to find that sweet spot. gas pressure, damper
and secondary air all working together.  And watch that
pyrometer climb.

People always confuse my system for firing...they think I have
the foot feed to the floor.  It is opposite. Often visitors say
"mel, turn up the kiln it is hardly on..."  and i say, look at the
cones, nine is down.....4 hours."  Geeeeeez.

I have done visits to folks that cannot fire a flat top.
One group had a 30 inch flame from the peep. and a stack
made of old brick. flame from every crack. 20 hours to cone 10.
I re/stacked the kiln, put a metal pipe for a one firing only. (burned it up.)
got rid of the bag wall...that was not in the plan.  got rid of the flame dams.
fired that kiln in 5 hours to cone 11. stunned folks.  and that plan for the kiln
was mine. they did everything cuz "Wally at the Jr. College said to change the plan
or the kiln won't work".   the first repair was understanding that "Wally" did not
know crap about firing...but they listened to him.

I joked with them at the airport..."Firing the old way caused you to create more
smoke and heat than a fully loaded 747...Boeing.  Can you imagine how much fuel they
used to fire that 28 cubic foot kiln.???? 20 hours with full gas pressure.
As Hank tells us. two mugs sold, pays for the firing.

Another rule.  If the pyrometer does not go up..."DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING",
JUST DON'T KEEP FIRING.  And the dumbest comment.."I have fired this kiln
19 times and never reached cone 8 once.  hmmmm

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