[Clayart] old statue found

mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Wed Aug 3 12:30:02 UTC 2022

hmmm, will the statue be tested for vitrification, and does
it stand up well to weather??????  (oh, wait, maybe they did
not have weather then. when did it start???)

Remember, if you make pots, someone will find them 10,000 years
from this week.

I had a marvelous sale last weekend. Great weather and
man, did 20 dollar bowls and mugs fly off the deck.
People are not thinking of giving $100 wedding gifts. I know
a lot of my pots are being gifted.
I purchased several thousand dollars worth of propane
yesterday. That should last the winter and a number of firings.
It is a good time to store some beans and rice, just in case.
Within minutes of my back door I have deer, bear, trout, geese,
ducks,wild turkeys and 92 thousand trees. And a fresh water stream that is
90% pure, bubbling from the sandstone.
I love it here. And the native people that lived on my land
a thousand years ago loved it for the same reasons.

And, a ten minute drive will show you lovely black and white cows, grazing
on natural grass, fields full of tall corn, beans and grasses. The beef cattle
are all black now. New herds growing fat.  We have a Buffalo farm with about 300
head, and a Llama farm.

We raise almost all the turkeys you eat here in Barron County. Thousands and thousands. They sure are well cared
for. The headquarters of the "Turkey Store" is in the Town of Barron, Wisc.

website: www.melpots.com

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