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David Hendley farmpots at eastex.net
Thu Aug 4 02:08:59 UTC 2022

I am not criticizing Mel, wouldn't even think of it, but "20 dollar 
bowls and mugs"
sure got my attention.
I stopped by my supplier last week and the prices of materials was 
shocking. Some
things are 4 times the price of a few years ago, and even the basic 
cheap clays
and feldspars have doubled.
Last year I increased my basic $25 mug to $30. I think it will have to 
go to $35
this year. I hate it, but it is needed to cover all the costs, and I'm 
not going to
work for next-to-nothing.
My prices will still be on the more reasonable end. At the Texas Clay 
Festival last
fall, a shopper commented that she was happy to find a nice $30 mug.

"several thousand dollars worth of propane" then caught my eye. Man, I just
don't see how $20 bowls and mugs can cover this.
I know, I know, the potter's time is still by far the most expensive 
part of the
cost of a handmade pot, but fuel and materials are sure taking a bigger 
of the pie.
I also used to feel OK working for around $15 an hour. Sorry, but I can't do
that any more either. That is 3 gallons of gas or 1 1/2 lunches at a 
cheap fast
food place. At that rate I would have to work for almost a whole week just
to cover the ever increasing booth fee for a big show.

We, the collective we, have created a big mess economically.

David Hendley
david at farmpots.com

On 8/3/2022 7:30 AM, mel jacobson wrote:
> hmmm, will the statue be tested for vitrification, and does
> it stand up well to weather??????  (oh, wait, maybe they did
> not have weather then. when did it start???)
> Remember, if you make pots, someone will find them 10,000 years
> from this week.
> I had a marvelous sale last weekend. Great weather and
> man, did 20 dollar bowls and mugs fly off the deck.
> People are not thinking of giving $100 wedding gifts. I know
> a lot of my pots are being gifted.
> Mel
> I purchased several thousand dollars worth of propane
> yesterday. That should last the winter and a number of firings.
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