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mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Thu Aug 4 12:43:29 UTC 2022

David, thank  you for the thoughtful post.
My sale was a "goodwill tour".  It was gifts
for my long time customers who bought lots of
pots during covid.

It was advertised on the mailing card to
"Buy a gift for yourself, no increase in
prices."  I was giving back.

I live very well here at the farm.
I re/purpose all the clay. It costs me
nothing but the time to run it through the
pug mill and add redart. I drive about ten
miles a week.

I am a very speedy thrower...even at 88 years old
I can whip out 50 mugs in a morning. What is 50x20?
My daughter set up my show, she said I sold about
75 mugs.

I can make cereal, soup bowls by the dozens...And, so
much of my work is research into fast firing and new
glazes at cone 7.  The cost of running my gas kiln is

I am fully aware that most clayarters could never
live like me, or afford to do it. I just send notes
about what can be....With "I,me greed running rampant
in our society, million dollar ideals, it makes me sick
and I respond in kind.

Many of us grew up with the crafts, it was about "LIFESTYLE'
and I still believe in it.  Yes, I am frugal. I have always
been so. I have never paid interest to have "new stuff".

One lady this weekend asked me if "I made my own glaze???"
(new neighbor)...I said, "I make everything. The clay, the
glaze, the kiln, the gas line to the kiln and the building
I make the pots in."  I still am using chemicals and oxides
from Kurt Wild's studio after he passed.

My mailing list is years old. I sent 550 invites post card
stamp. Printing was 80 bucks. That was the expense.
I have done this summer show for 60 years in a row.
(even in Kyoto the American Embassy had a show/sale for me.)
I had ten sales in Dubai.  I have lots of coffee cans buried
in the back yard.

Like you, I have built my own home here at the farm. The oak trees
where milled 6 miles away. studs are 4x4 oak. beams 4x12 oak.
About $5000 cash to finish it. Lots of re/purposed materials...lots.
Just load it into my old truck. I did my own septic system. 11/
18 foot lateral pipes for the drain field. A local farmer gave me
the huge concrete tank. A buddy with a backhoe helped me. That would
be 20K at today's prices.
I am one lucky boy.

website: www.melpots.com

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