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Gregg Lindsley gerrg42 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 19:27:29 UTC 2022

  Mel's comments on how he lives and runs
his clay empire resonates with me.
i am a child of the sixties, card carrying.
always an artist, i did many things before clay
found me.
   bought my cabin for 35,000 in 1998,  knowing
i needed a low mortgage and not wanting to
be part of the capitalist 'make as much money
as possible' thing. Just make the amount I need.
  so i have done so.  just a quiet studio potter
whose effort over 40 years has morphed into
what is now a small factory, run by orders  where
everything in the kilns (2 large electric) is
already paid for.
  I teach 18 students two nights a week, and
enjoy life in a quiet hamlet with a population of 200
people, a pair of great northern owls and a bear.
   I make pots or do something that the pottery
needs almost every day. I recycle clay with a
Bluebird pug mill i bought in the 80's.
  My mugs are $25.
  David Hendley used to say at every NCECA that
being a potter was a lifestyle, and i never knew
what he meant.   I do now.  And it's wonderful.
Gregg Lindsley
Earth and Fire Pottery
10325 Brookside Drive
Middletown, Ca. 95461
Function and Beauty
in the Mingei  and
Bauhaus traditions
'At home among the lost and found'
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