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David Hendley farmpots at eastex.net
Thu Aug 4 23:46:21 UTC 2022

Mel, I specifically didn't want you to feel the need to justify how and 
for how
much you sell your pottery. But, thanks, it was an entertaining read.

Of course, you know we are on the same team.
And you know that you cannot out-frugal or out-handmade me.
Install my own gas line? Pfew, who needs to buy gas, I've got a lifetime 
supply of
firewood for all my heating needs at the shop and at my house.
A friend with a backhoe to install the septic drain lines? Who needs 
that, I installed
mine with a shovel and a wheelbarrow....

But I just don't like selling my work for low prices. It is still a job 
and I will not
work for free. Expenses have really increased, even if you make your own
clay and glazes and built your kiln and studio (property taxes anyone?)
Two other thoughts:
Like it or not, people ascribe more value for things they pay more for.
And, I don't want to under-price all the other hardworking local potters.
(I am thankful we never had a Warren MacKenzie-type in my area)

I'm not as old as you, but am past retirement age. Because of a lifetime of
frugal living and investing for retirement I could quit working at any time
and be just fine. So, it's really not about the money per se.
As you and Gregg, and probably many others know, it's about the lifestyle!

David Hendley
david at farmpots.com

On 8/4/2022 7:43 AM, mel jacobson wrote:
> David, thank  you for the thoughtful post.
> My sale was a "goodwill tour".  It was gifts
> for my long time customers who bought lots of
> pots during covid.
> It was advertised on the mailing card to
> "Buy a gift for yourself, no increase in
> prices."  I was giving back.
> I live very well here at the farm.
> I re/purpose all the clay. It costs me
> nothing but the time to run it through the
> pug mill and add redart. I drive about ten
> miles a week.
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