[Clayart] hand made 2,374 times answered

mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Fri Aug 5 02:19:39 UTC 2022

It is all about the individual.  Can you break
down the rules to let yourself buy ready made
and sell it?

can you drink 5 martinis?  and then say you are
fine to drive.

We all as crafts persons know what hand made means.
I believe in it like a passion.  others do not care.
So be it.

We all live with our own philosophy's and rules for living.

Some people drive over dead animals on the road.
I go around.
with love to all...mel
I moderated clayart with win95 and a really slow dial up ibm modem.
It is 2022, and I have loved driving on this road with a
bus load of great artists and dedicated craftspeople.

website: www.melpots.com

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