[Clayart] old statue found

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Terry sez:"According to Etsy, a machine manufactured bead attached to a machine made chain, voila, hand made. Terry"

Hi Terry,
But to each their own.  Other than singing to the Choir to commiserate with and encourage each other we aren't going to collectively change the world one "handmade mug" at a time.
Where Serenity and Serendipity meet is priceless.
We who have mastered living with-in our means live well and with largeness of spirit.

Others who highly value material values over spirit seem to be getting by also.  Who of us sleeps more contentedly in the wee hours?  Or awakens then to ponder, who can judge, who can know?

Hearing a drum beat and having the internal moral courage to march to it is priceless.

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According to Etsy, a machine manufactured bead attached to a machine made chain, voila, hand made.


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> On Aug 4, 2022, at 1:26 PM, paul gerhold <gerholdclay at gmail.com> wrote:
> Lis,
> At this time handmade is just like porcelain or " one of a kind"  or or many other common pottery terms that once had meaning and are now just marketing terms.  I know that sounds a bit cynical but I suspect anyone who has been a potter for decades would probably  agree.
> Paul
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>> On Aug 4, 2022, at 10:43 AM, Lis <lis.allison at primus.ca> wrote:
>> So true! I know of one potter whose mugs were $46 last year (don't know what they are this year), and they are not really hand made. At least not in my opinion. Underglaze transfers and slip casting are taking a bite out of the hand made market.
>> I'd be interested to hear opinions on what constitutes 'hand made'. Is slip casting hand made? Is stuff made on a RAM press 'hand made'? Are underglaze transfers 'hand decorating'? Where do each of you draw the line? Or do  you just not say in your marketing materials?
>> I don't mean to be judgemental, just would like to know what the current thinking is.
>> Lis
>>>> On 2022-08-03 10:08 p.m., David Hendley wrote:
>>> I am not criticizing Mel, wouldn't even think of it, but "20 dollar bowls and mugs"
>>> sure got my attention.
>>> I stopped by my supplier last week and the prices of materials was shocking. Some
>>> things are 4 times the price of a few years ago, and even the basic cheap clays
>>> and feldspars have doubled.
>>> Last year I increased my basic $25 mug to $30. I think it will have to go to $35
>>> this year. I hate it, but it is needed to cover all the costs, and I'm not going to
>>> work for next-to-nothing.
>>> My prices will still be on the more reasonable end. At the Texas Clay Festival last
>>> fall, a shopper commented that she was happy to find a nice $30 mug.
>>> "several thousand dollars worth of propane" then caught my eye. Man, I just
>>> don't see how $20 bowls and mugs can cover this.
>>> I know, I know, the potter's time is still by far the most expensive part of the
>>> cost of a handmade pot, but fuel and materials are sure taking a bigger piece
>>> of the pie.
>>> I also used to feel OK working for around $15 an hour. Sorry, but I can't do
>>> that any more either. That is 3 gallons of gas or 1 1/2 lunches at a cheap fast
>>> food place. At that rate I would have to work for almost a whole week just
>>> to cover the ever increasing booth fee for a big show.
>>> We, the collective we, have created a big mess economically.
>>> David Hendley
>>> david at farmpots.com
>>> www.farmpots.com<http://www.farmpots.com>
>>>> On 8/3/2022 7:30 AM, mel jacobson wrote:
>>>> hmmm, will the statue be tested for vitrification, and does
>>>> it stand up well to weather??????  (oh, wait, maybe they did
>>>> not have weather then. when did it start???)
>>>> Remember, if you make pots, someone will find them 10,000 years
>>>> from this week.
>>>> I had a marvelous sale last weekend. Great weather and
>>>> man, did 20 dollar bowls and mugs fly off the deck.
>>>> People are not thinking of giving $100 wedding gifts. I know
>>>> a lot of my pots are being gifted.
>>>> Mel
>>>> I purchased several thousand dollars worth of propane
>>>> yesterday. That should last the winter and a number of firings.
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