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mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Sat Aug 6 12:46:52 UTC 2022

Just a quick response.
When I built my farm house starting 40 years ago, there
was no Universal Building Code/UBC in our rural area of
Wisconsin. You did what you want...The Manager of the
power company stopped one day and looked at my wiring.
"Did it yourself,right?"  "Yup, how did you know?"
"It is all done to code."  My septic system is better
than the code of today. Now you have to have your tank
pumped every 4-5 months.  No drain fields.  $75 a pumping.
Then it is spread on farm fields.

I sell most of my pots from my home in Tonka. I control
the selling. I make the prices. I compete with no one.
No fees, no commissions, just me and my customers.

If I had to sell at the Uptown Art Fair my mugs would be $35.
Same as the others.  If I sold in galleries my mugs would be
$50.  I would still get 20 bucks.

I have said many times on clayart..."get rid of the middle men
in your sales and you can actually make money."  I pay myself.
Can you do the math?.  Gallery 60%, artist 40. Then comes the

What happens when  you drive 200 miles to an Art Fair and a big
storm hits. Paintings soaking wet, down the drain?????
You go home broke.  On my deck the pots look great full of water.
I have extra umbrellas. And yes, I pay taxes on my sales. But I deduct
legally, and have been audited and won the battle. U.S. court of appeals.

I follow my own advice. Learn from the ground up. Study your customers.
They live near me. And fully realize that we are in the gift business.
There are 15 people in my 50 mile circle that can easily pay $300 for a pot.
I am not on their radar.  I have thousands of people in my area that would
love to drop a hundred and go home smiling with three future wedding gifts.
Warren MacKenzie had the lowest prices for pots in the area for 50 years. He
did not apologize to anyone. But, he never had any pots left after a sale.
"Sold Out". I am not stupid, I studied his sales technique. AS an old potter
told me. "It matters not the price of one pot, it is about getting rid of
everything you make."  My customers buy "What They Want".  Not what I like best.
I sell by size.

website: www.melpots.com

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