[Clayart] handmade again

mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Sun Aug 7 14:51:34 UTC 2022

Just some passing thoughts while drinking coffee
on my deck.

Respect for the models and history of our craft is
important.  Those old pots and sculptures made
of clay should inspire us, they sure do me.

I also think that integrity of controlling fire
is important.  You can make clay objects with your hands
and then turn to total automation to complete the item.
(one thought.  with the price of pre/made glaze so
high, no one can afford it. that may be a good thing.
make  your own.)

The other thought....No one needs what we make. plastic
and paper dishes abound. The Starbucks paper cup is everywhere.
I saw a picture of a modern kitchen, with family.
A lazy susan in the middle of the table, four kinds of big soda bottles,
and about six paper cartons of food.  Paper dishes.
Nothing to clean or wash. All goes into the garbage. And
of course cell phones at every place setting.

My wife would put jelly in a small bowl to use
for breakfast. No jelly glasses on her table.
makes me smile.

People buy from us because they want amazing real things.
Items to pass to grandchildren.
I honor that.
I now have fourth generation buyers. They were raised to
have standards of behavior. They tell me that."Grandma Helen
told us to come...and buy".

Having a private mailing list is magical.  No one stops and
wonders what we are selling...No signs in the road/"pottery sale".
I actually know everyone that shops at my home. I am treated with
great respect. No haggle. I sell by size. tiny plates, small plates
and big plates, platters. Standard price, listed on a big chart.
The customers add it up. Often they pack their own purchases. Hand
me money and leave.  It takes many years to make a quality list.
It is golden.  (even notes about my sale on facebook almost always
are going to people I know.

website: www.melpots.com

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