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Wed Aug 10 12:25:32 UTC 2022

Oh Mel, 100% right…buyer be educated. A consumer of any art needs to be
educated. Make sure you know what you are buying so you don’t buy Walmart
goods at the price of something truly handmade. I’ve had potential buyers
stop by my booth and complain about my prices. My prices are very fair.
Once you take into account materials, something for maintenance costs (you
can’t wait til something breaks or needs replacement), fuel, time, travel,
booth fee, tax, you get your price. When someone suggests they can get a
mug at a better price from Walmart I help them by educating them about the
difference in the product. The entire production of the work is different.
I’ve had brilliant sales managing the public this way. Loads of repeat
sales because of the wonderful functionality and durability of my pots
compared to a Walmart brand.

I say bring it all on! Keep the art/craft moving. Educate the public and
then see what happens. There was a small business who had their booth
directly across from mine. Slip cast stuff. There was no comparison in the
quality and feel. The saturation and depth in the glazed surface. When you
pick up one of my handmade wheel thrown bowls and trace it’s nuanced inner
curve and run your fingers over the rim and foot, notice the individuality
in each piece and put together a set of them stacking it is unmistakable
the difference in quality. My customers, of course, asked about the
difference and I was polite and honest. I educated my customers. I sold
out, they didn’t. Pricing similar. I wasn’t nervous.

Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy in making and selling art. Ignorance is
something else.


On Wed 10. Aug 2022 at 11:10, mel jacobson <melpots at mail.com> wrote:

> Mary, what a thoughtful, well done post. Many will
> agree with your theme.
> My only reply is that how one makes their art, presents it
> or sells it only requires "Honesty of Production".
> If it is machine made, computer made, printed by someone else,
> fine...let us know. Don't pretend handmade.
> I have used this example over the past few years. One can now
> order a textile wall hanging, quilt etc.  Made in China. Long arm
> sewing machines. All one has to do is sketch the theme, order colors
> from a chart and pay the bill.  The quilt shows up at your door totally
> perfect, amazing skill and it will even come with the person's name
> "Handmade by Rebecca".  There it hangs in a show of fine handmade
> quilts.
> The first time I was confronted with dishonest art was being a part
> of a judging team for a large student art show (1962). The two judges that
> worked with me wanted a first prize to go to a white plate with a
> pheasant image. I pointed out that it was a commercial white plate
> mounted on a wooden board with a decal of a pheasant. What sort of
> art teacher would even send such a scam???  I walked out. The piece
> hung in the show.
> mel
> website: www.melpots.com
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