[Clayart] Yellow Ochre

David Woof woofpots at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 11 19:08:07 UTC 2022

Yellow Ocher will vary in color because it is a natural earth material and so has varying amounts of ferric oxide,
and other earth materials, including "tramp" materials associated with mining.

It is not formulated in a lab as are Frits and other Non-raw materials.

One should buy a sufficient quantity each purchase to last awhile and then Test before using.   Mixing together old batch and new? Test again.
There may not be a noticeable difference, but for quality control and to mitigate expense and disappointment we should get in the habit of testing any new shipment of earth mined materials as a matter of course.

Best regards,
David Woof................when my Muse is feeling frisky, sometimes she paints herself with yellow and red ocher in an inspirational way.  But isn't that why Muses hang around the studio?.................................
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I have an old bag of yellow ochre and it is yellow gold color.  The new bag is is sort of brownish yellow.  Has it changed???

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