[Clayart] what is clayart, please read

mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Sat Aug 13 01:30:24 UTC 2022

Clayart is based on the program Listserv, but
the program is now "mailman". The software is housed
in Sydney, Australia. They have been very good to us.
(Listserv is now several thousand bucks a year.)

I, Mel Jacobson own Clayart.  It is an LLC to protect it.
Arnold Howard and I rescued clayart from the garbage can
of Commercial Clay education.  Those that had it wanted
to Monetize the program. By shear luck we had a copy of the
entire listserv on a cd. ( I had made a copy) We gave it to the folks in Oz,
and I went through the list by hand, all 5,000 email address'.
And we made it current.

We have clayart up and running and I moderate it four times
a day. Clayart is read in 32 countries, and email is
great as those that live some places do not have local ISP.
 I read every post. AS I have said before.  I run clayart
as the world of clay has made me who I am. I try to give the gift
back to all that want it. (you may have seen my post..I started
to moderate clayart with win 95, and a phone modem. it took ages
to moderate 50 posts a day.)

We deeply frown on politics and religion, or your personal
saga. I do not want to delete people. We want all sides heard.
But, now and then...folks step way over the line. Then I become
the "Sheriff" and wack them.(because I have done this for so long,
I know the habits of some prime posters...you know, one beer to
many, or that extra martini makes them sort of monsters.
and that funny pipe too.) WHACK.

We do ask for donations. Sort of like PBS.  It is all free will.
We did not do a donation drive this past year. With all the crazy stuff
going on. 8$ gas etc...So. I too need a few bucks to pay expenses.

At this time I will ask for a gift to the program to pay bills etc.
I take a small amount for me. It comes out to .38 an hour.
Arnold and his wife pay the small fee to the company in Oz. Their gift.

So, If you will help...fine.  go to website below, there is a paypal app.
It will take any credit card. If you have a paypal account just add
your password. easy.  Or, you can us use USPS and mail me cash or check
address is there.

website: www.melpots.com

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