[Clayart] pyrometer primer

mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Mon Aug 15 12:03:09 UTC 2022

I talked to Carsten, owner of MN Measurement
the other day.  He had done some special order
work for us and we talked about "what is best"
for installation.

His most important information was "don't move your
thermocouple.  Find a spot, install it with about
2 inches extending into the kiln and leave it alone.
That is your best reading, time after time."  Do not
pull it out during firing...it does not do any good.
Accurate measurement, at the same spot is by far
the most perfection.

He will special order any length thermocouple you need.
He makes his own, so the length is up to the buyer.
Bob Anderson wanted a 14" thermocouple.  2 inches in.
9 inches of brick and 3 inches outside the kiln. And the
wire was 10 feet long as Bob hangs his pyrometer on the wall
up high, away from the kiln. Works great.

For an electric kiln outside your studio the long wire
to bring the measurement to you is best. A pyrometer above your wheel
would be nice. He even sells the cord/wire in 50 foot rolls.
Now you have the pyrometer in your kitchen.

Anyway...good fellow, small business, service plus. He also sells
his products on Amazon. That is how I found him.

website: www.melpots.com

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