[Clayart] Bisque Firing High-fired pots.

Dan Saultman design at saultman.com
Tue Aug 23 20:48:38 UTC 2022

I have a turquoise glaze that when refired at bisque 07-06
turns gray.  I had a couple mugs to try - the gray ones sold promptly.
Half & half blue and gray.

Dan Saultman
Saultman Design, Inc.
Art & Ceramic Home Decor
Clinton Twp., MI

> On Aug 23, 2022, at 3:33 PM, David Woof <woofpots at hotmail.com> wrote:
> With experience and lucid care, one usually has a high percentage of firing success.
> But for the rare disappointments, one could save a number of these glaze firing "wasters" by refiring at a lower temp.
> ^04 seems to be a common magic number.
> Fussing around with a re-glazing hope can lead to something good, or to "worse bad."
> But.....What does it cost just to put that dunker back in the next bisque?
> Sometimes there is also something to be learned by putting a perfectly acceptable pot back thru the next Bisque just to see "what would happen if."
> Learning does not have a vanishing point from a professional potter's perspective.
> Misneach,
> David Woof
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> Yes, Tricalcium Phosphate will also work.I also discovered an iron
> saturated glaze does well with a controlled cooling.Many years ago
> before I learned about downfiring I had a large pot with iron red
> glaze that came out brown. I put the pot in a bisque firing to cone 04
> and it came out red!
> Bill
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> Subject: [Clayart] Bone ash?
> Will added bone ash to a glaze make an iron glaze more red instead of
> brown? If not what will?
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