[Clayart] I want gray

sumi sumi at herwheel.com
Wed Aug 24 17:12:50 UTC 2022


I am not sure you will get gray with the 5x20 base but in several base 
glazes I have tried 0.5% cobalt oxide and 3% manganese dioxide gives a 
nice gray. In Ron Roy's Glossy Base 2 it is perfect.

> Ok, all you smarty pants potters out there.
> Give the recipe for a middle gray, using,
> for me 5x20.
> cone 7, light reduction, or electric fired cone 6.
> iron bearing clay.
> Ok now, I want fool proof, works every time.
> Yes, I know, read a book, a recipe book, but I want
> you gray sellers to give me your secret.
> mel
> website: www.melpots.com
> www.melpots.com/CLAYART.HTML

Sumi von Dassow
President, Beulah Valley Arts Council

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