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David Woof woofpots at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 25 05:24:04 UTC 2022

Paul sez: "I assume you are looking for a grey that has been rigorously tested for food safety.

Now Paul,...........  (are you being a contentious "smarty pants"?)

Mel didn't specify that!!!

Mel sez he wants a 5 x 20 gray.
 Ron and John reworked Tony Hansen's dependable 5 x 20 to higher leaching standards of food safety for oxide leaching and give it as their "Glossy Base 1," which is also very stable.
I have tested them both with various oxide combinations.

As I remember mel weighs his glaze ingredients by spoon fulls, pocket fulls, bucket fulls, or snow scoop shovel fulls depending on the time of year and his mood for that day.
So any recipe any "smarty pants potter" would send him would be so bastardized by the time he "whips up a batch" that we can only shake our head and ruefully grin because we love him dearly and his work sells to an adoring crowd.

When one gets as old as some of us who think people under 75 are young, a wee bit of oxide leaching isn't likely going to kill us any faster than living to 110 and beyond, (or life itself.)

A bit extra, of chrome, copper, cobalt and iron lines our pipes and puts "lead in our pencil."

There is more of that crap in the air we breathe than what will ever leach out of a stable glaze.

But because I am dedicated to honesty and ethics, I am rigidly ethical in providing stable food safe glazes I can stand behind for my patrons.
Because of their concerns...though sometimes seemingly ignorant concerns they may be.

But from my garden (bird crap aside) I don't wash the Kale, or Miners Lettuce, tomatoes, etc before eating them, because these plants are breathing the same air I also breath 24/7.

"Go forth with courage"    (those who hesitate get to watch)

David Woof.........................................Some folks see only black or white..........Woof sees the 427 shades of gray between these extremes...................and lives and loves well...........................................................................
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I assume you are looking for a grey that has been rigorously tested for food safety.


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> On Aug 24, 2022, at 3:45 AM, mel jacobson <melpots at mail.com> wrote:
> Ok, all you smarty pants potters out there.
> Give the recipe for a middle gray, using,
> for me 5x20.
> cone 7, light reduction, or electric fired cone 6.
> iron bearing clay.
> Ok now, I want fool proof, works every time.
> Yes, I know, read a book, a recipe book, but I want
> you gray sellers to give me your secret.
> mel
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