[Clayart] WHITE POTS

David Woof woofpots at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 31 22:36:22 UTC 2022

Hi Mike,
Tonight I would probably be better served to hit the pillow than to be pondering if the human eye can be trained to discern 427 shades of white, as in discerning the 427 shades of gray (grey).

So far: What I do know is that adding a wee bit of black makes white appear "whiter" (or is the "white" just trying harder to be white?)

Or......"Rover to orbiting Base: no intelligent life found here"

G'nite loved ones,
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I just received a local magazine and it showed a lot of interior rooms  with a few pots as decoration. Most had white rooms & white pots, no color no wood walls. WHITE - WHITE  everywhere. Mike Gordon
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