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Ron said: "Hi David, I'm sure you know but - just to add some clarity..."

David says: " Hi Ron,  if we both start "adding clarity" to what we both already know as you say, most assuredly we will clarify the topic until it becomes so transparent that it causes other folks' eyes to roll around in their sockets.

I prefer to wait until someone asks for information...keeps it real and us perhaps relevant.

Suffice it then, to deflocculate my glazes, and wish you the best of flocculation for yours,      (Smiles and grins)

Much love,

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Hi David,

I'm sure you know but - just to add some clarity...

To calcine: drive off chemically combined water at around bisque
temperature. In the case of clay to render it non plastic.

We use clay in our glazes to help suspend them while we are glazing.
The more clay (Kaolin (un-calcined) and ball clay the better the
suspension. Glazes with less than 10% kaolin often suffer from fast
settling. The fix then may be subbing in ball clay, adding bentonite
and/or adding a suspender or maybe just changing the water source.

A water softener system adds sodium to water - sodium is a deflocculer
and can result in glazes settling.

Those of you who bisque low (below cone 04) may have settling problems
because you have to keep your glazes thinner. If you bisque higher you
can keep your glazes thicker and that by itself may cure the problem.

Adding a calcined kaolin to a clay body would be called for if the
clay was too tight and too plastic (shrinkage over 12%.)


Quoting David Woof <woofpots at hotmail.com>:

> Hi Lynn,
>  This Kaolin is an engineered industrial grade hydrated (or)
> calcined material useful in a wide spectrum of manufacturing
> applications.   A "repurposed Materials" subject line has evidently
> caused you to proceed with caution.
> $10.00 US for 50 # Plus Shipping for what may be repurposed as
> garden filler???
>  But then I like the intrepid "what would happen if" so if you like
> to "test test test" give it a go and tell us your findings and
> discovery.
>  I use other Imreys engineered materials.
> Someone here may shed further and encouraging light on uses of this
> material for the Studio Potter.
> With our "One World" environmental and socio-economic conditions
> accelerating as they are, we may all have to punt, adapt and adjust,
> or????? wet some hankies!!!
> Let's not forget that clay is everywhere under our feet or within
> accessible distance.
> Misneach,
> David Woof
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> Subject: [Clayart] UNUSED Hydrite-Imreys | repurposedMATERIALS
> UNUSED Hydrite-Imreys | repurposedMATERIALS
> Does anyone know if  this kaolin could be used in glaze or clay recipes?
> It's only $10 for 50lbs.
> https://www.repurposedmaterialsinc.com/chemicals/imreys-hydrite-121-s/
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