[Clayart] Info about Temporal Arteritis FYI

sumi sumi at herwheel.com
Wed Dec 28 00:14:52 UTC 2022


Good luck! And what a good neighbor.

> Firstly,  Happy New Year  and crossing fingers for a creative  2023.  Then
> info to share:  Wednesday I ended up at hospital checking out blurry eye
> and a few minor short lived headaches I had been having....neighbor more
> proactive than I  and had urged immediate attention to symptoms.
> Tentative  and almost certain diagnosis was  this Temporal Arteritis which
> can cause blindness very quickly!  Put on strong steroid IV but after a day
> was  allowed to go home for  family  Christmas,  and I'm probably to get
> biopsy today to confirm.  Meanwhile taking big deal doses of prednisone,
> and I may be on that  med  for a year or so.  So---condition hits mostly
> women over 50,  Scandinavians in particular,  and  that's me for sure.
> While this TA is not that common an occurrence,  you are all forewarned
> just in case.  Just thought I would pass on the info.    Happy 2023,
>   Carolyn Curran
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Sumi von Dassow
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